Sometimes a mere outline of the facts is sufficient to identify the state of our national discourse and governance.

The raw truth details the paradox and absurdity of our land.

Here is a sample from just the past few days.

On six occasions, the government said a technical team could not find a suitable inter-island vessel, and this led to the appointment of an inexpert ministerial team, which came up with the ill-suited $130 million Galleons Passage.

But official documents – which the Ministry of Works provided only after a Court order – revealed that the technical committee had shortlisted three quality and appropriate vessels, Champion Jet, Super Runner and Mega Jet.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia suggests that one way of defeating schools violence is not sharing such videos on social media.

The same Chinese company that was associated with shoddy work and time and cost overruns on national projects is returning for a $1 billion contract.

A man who attempted a military overthrow of a democratically elected Trinidad and Tobago government has questioned the bona fides of Venezuela’s Juan Guaido, who was popularly elected.

When an opposition parliamentarian asked about water supplies during this dry season, acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert on Friday said that wells are currently being dug.

Surgeries are being put off as a result of the shutdown of the Central Block of Port of Spain General Hospital, but the administration is still not considering opening the state-of-the-art Couva Hospital.

An academic who did not read Professor Selwyn Cudjoe’s digest on a slave master but still wrote a series of “reviews”, is actually head of a Cabinet-appointed committee on textbooks.

A taxpayer-owned agency is defending, upholding and sponsoring an artiste whose yearly racist outpourings contributed significantly to the collapse of the calypso tent industry and to ethnic tensions.

The Emancipation Support Committee and National Joint Action Committee, which promote ethnic solidarity peace, have not commented on the issue.

The Hindu community is torn over the country’s premier artiste promoting the ideals of the faith.

The homicide rate has not abated but the police service is getting unprecedented public kudos.

A big businessman has criticised the “silence of the elites” but has not commented on their collusion in white-collar crime.

Trinidad and Tobago, which had initially announced support for embattled Nicolas Maduro, has taken part in a meeting of “neutral” countries on the Venezuelan impasse.

As a symbol of Trinidad and Tobago’s unpreparedness for the fall out of Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis, the immigration washroom at Cedros has stopped working.

A government minister berates an opposition parliamentarian for discussing an issue which a fellow minister had revealed during the same debate.

Parliament’s Privileges Commission agrees before a Court to hold its hands on a matter and then proceeds to discuss the issue and make a public statement.

Even amid an avalanche of legal authorities on the issue, the relevant constitutional section has still not been triggered against Chief Justice Ivor Archie.

The country has belatedly learnt that the decision to carve out and hand a piece of Tobago to Sandals Resort was done during a champagne dinner of big shots.

And that is a just sample of the national fare over the past few days.

T&T really isn’t a real place!

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